Hey, Dude, Where’s My Localhost?

Updated 31 August 2011

If you are using Windows 7, you may have already run into the same problem with your WAMP stack that I did.  This started when I spent the last few weeks changing from Vista to Windows 7 on my laptop.  I had to do a “custom” install, since the original version was Vista Home and I was moving to Win 7 Professional.   Almost everything is reinstalled and the system runs better (but different) than before.  There are many new paradigms, small and large, introduced in Win 7 that will take some adjustment.

During the reinstallation, I plopped down XAMPP and Uniform Server, and since they were just copies from my Vista load (now erased) I assumed that they would work without a problem.  Ha Ha.  Thanks, Microsoft, for all the  missing clues about your IPv6 surprise.

You see, Windows 7 prefers to return an IPv6 address for localhost.  That’s all cool, IF your application software can handle IPv6 addresses.  Apache has no problem; it handles IPv6 with an easy change in the config file. MySQL, which uses a TCP port for its preferred method of connection with Apache, is different.   The problem is that MySQL 5 does not support IPv6.  I did some quick research at MySQL.com, and that appears to be true for anything we care about. Continue reading