Website Software Testing

Over the past few years, I’d get a package that was supposed to help me create a Website for Internet marketing.  “Just add it to your hosting service and you’re ready to go!” Well, not quite.  How does one go about preparing, configuring, testing, and deploying such a package?  There are many more things to do to get it functional.  When you start, it’s almost overwhelming.

Writing an HTML file and displaying it in your browser is so far away from running an online Website, that it defies comparison.  As a next step, you can get a regular shared host service, but that implies that you know what you want to do (to some extent).  It may make you feel a bit queasy, since all your experimentation and partial pages are on the Web for whomever to see.  If you’re just trying to get your arms around it all first, you may feel like you’re jumping onto a moving train. Continue reading