Ready-to-Go Apps for UniServer

UniServer, Part 2

[Note: I’ve edited this article to reflect the latest updates to the application plugins.]

UniServer has a list of plugins to give you a head-start on installing applications and other functions.

For version 5.6-nano there are several CMS applications and a Wiki. You can Google these individually for detailed information on their usage.  In this series I’m not going to review any of these apps; we’ll save that for later.
*V56_Drupal  Content Management System
*V56_Joomla  Content Management System
*V56_Moodle  Courseware Management System
*V56_WordPress  Content Management System
*V56_Xoops  Content Management System
*V56_MediaWiki  Wikipedia’s Wiki System

There are also several utility programs set up as plugins. The advantage of all these as plugins is that they are ready-to-run as soon as they are installed. Installation usually consists only of running the plugin’s .exe, which unzips into the UniServer stack. That’s very convenient.

Let’s do one right now; I’m selecting WordPress as an example. Continue reading

When Priorities Change

The plans I had a few weeks ago for some new articles took a back seat to natural events.  Living in Chile is interesting, but it also can be difficult when the earth starts shaking.  It’s even worse when that shake is because of a once-in-a-quarter-century major earthquake.  We were very fortunate in that we only lost electricity for three days (which means Internet as well).

Obviously, the situation changed a bit, and we needed to resolve some other problems.   Hopefully, I can get those articles completed soon.