The ‘Plan’ for This Site

When I first started this blog, I expected it to be a narrative of what I did to get an online business running, as an example to others who wanted to do something similar.  Times have changed, and so has my focus, to some extent.  What was hard before is easier now.  Blogs are commonplace (rumored to be over 81 Million), and easy to set up.

What has not changed is the challenge of building a business.  While anyone who wants to start a business hopes it will be a success, more often than not, the venture folds.  I’ve been through it several times.  It seems, though, that the essential ingredient for true success is to keep on trying, keep on learning, keep on doing.  What we do poorly at first, we can get better at by continuing to do, and continuing to learn.

So here’s the plan for now.  I will write posts, open for comments by people who are interested.  As I get better, perhaps there will be really good and useful stuff.  Maybe not.  I’ll probably separate off things that belong in different blogs, keeping this one for what seems to be developing into my main focus.

Hope you’ll check back, or better yet, set up an RSS feed.

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